Ion Foot Bath

Good for:

Helps removes toxins and impurities from the body. Optimizes detoxification process and allows for proper bodily function. Restores homeostasis. Improves metabolic function (fatigue), neurological function (brain fog), endocrine function (thyroid, adrenals, sex hormones), immune function (viral, fungal, bacterial infections), and digestion (dysbiosis, leaky gut, malabsorption, food intolerances). Safe for use on children— special needs patients as well as chronically ill patients may need more aggressive treatment.

Contraindications: —(unless otherwise cleared by your physician)

• Those who wear pacemakers or any other electrical implant that cannot be powered off

• Pregnant or nursing women

• Those on heartbeat regulating medications and/or blood thinners

• Organ transplant recipients

• Those on medications where the absence of could cause mental or physical impairment. For example, psychotic episodes or seizures

Other implications:

• Patients who take high blood pressure or other medications that require proper blood levels to be maintained should do the session just prior to taking medication

• Patients with low blood sugar should eat before a session

• If a substantial part of your colon has been removed - start with reduced sessions

• Patients with non-electrical implants - discontinue use if uncomfortable

• DO NOT soak head or face

30 minutes is typical though may vary per situation

Far Infrared Sauna

REQUIRED: Bring TWO bath or beach towels from home to sit on during session— possibly a face towel to wipe down throughout session. More sweat the better. May prefer a clean towel or something to use to dry off afterward. Neck towel provided during use.

Good for:

Removing and releasing toxins including heaving metals stored in the body's fat cells, increased energy production by cells, boost metabolism, burn calories and fat, increased collagen and elastin production by skin, increased circulation, increased muscle relaxation, and speed injury recovery. Far infrared saunas mobilize the lymphatic system by pulsating water molecules and increasing core temperature. The benefits are endless when you consider the root cause of health and mental issues.

— This sauna emits the highest level of pure far infrared energy. Near and middle infrared light have been eliminated in this sauna, thus less harsh on the skin and a better overall choice for health and well-being.

30 minute maximum though 20 minutes is typical; suggested to work up to that time.

Contraindications: ( be continued)

  • Metal or silicone implants— consult surgeon for approval. Surgical implants (metal) reflect infrared heat and should not be an issue while silicone absorbs it, but does not melt until 392°F
  • Heat intolerance as well as heat insensitivity- use caution
  • Inability or reduced ability to perspire- use caution
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Acute injury
  • Pregnancy
  • Certain medications- please consult with physician or pharmacist first for possible changes in drug effect when body is exposed ego infrared heat or elevated body temps
  • Cardiovascular issues- exercise extreme caution and consult with primary physician before use

—(As you may see, most of these conditions may benefit from reduced toxic load though there are reasons to be concerned during the process. Please do your due diligence before use and also listen to your body throughout.) 


One time use - $25/ visit 

Punch cards available for purchase

Buy 10 get 1 free for $200 ($275 value) or buy 5 for $100

Never expire!

>> Recommended Use: Time and frequency vary per patient. As always, you are welcome to book at your convenience though outcome is dependent on following suggested usage. Complete transparency with practitioner required to maintain safe and effective care.

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